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Who we are

The United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Model has been organized by Democracia Global - Movimiento por la Unión Sudamericana y el Parlamento Mundial, a non-profit NGO based in Argentina, in partnership with Democracy Without Borders and the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Campaign, globally.


Camila López Badra

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International Coordinator

Camila López Badra is the Executive Director of Democracia Global. She is also the coordinator of the campaign for the creation of a Latin American and Caribbean Criminal Court against Transnational Organized Crime (COPLA).

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Emilia Ismael

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International Coordinator


Emilia Ismael is the Executive Coordinator of Democracia Global and Coordinator of the Simulation Model of the Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations (UNPA).


Rodrigo Hazaff

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Communication Coordinator


Rodrigo Hazaff is the Communication Coordinator at Democracia Global. He has a degree in International Relations at Universidad de Belgrano.

Steering Committee

In partnership with Democracia Global (Argentina), Democracy Without Borders (internationally) and Uma (New York), and the wider UNPA Campaign, we are organizing the further Parliamentary Assembly Simulation Models in cities around the world, the next upcoming UNPA Model to be held online with students from India.

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Rita Kakati-Shah

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Secretary General and Principal Coordinator

Rita Kakati-Shah is a Founding Member of Democracy Without Borders in India, the founder and CEO of Uma, and an international thought-leader in gender equality, diversity and inclusion strategy.

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Varun Suthra

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Diplomatic Relations and Media Coordinator

Varun Suthra is an acclaimed media activist, journalist, and International Relations expert. He is also the Founding Secretary at Democracy Without Borders, India.

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Smita Singh

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Academic Relations Coordinator

Smita Singh is a board member at the Institute for Security, Gender and Development with a background in research on International Relations and Political Science.


Rahul Tripathi

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Head of the Department of Political Science at Goa University

Rahul Tripathi is a Professor and head of the Department of Political Science at Goa University with a special interest in International Political Economy and South Asia.


Shraddha Shrikant Naik

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Assistant Professor at Goa University


Shraddha Shrikant Naik is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Goa University, with a research background on International Relations, Human Rights and Interregionalism, among others.

Chapter in India

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